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about us

We're a very small business located and designed with love in Sydney Australia, launched in July 2019. 

Our pieces are produced with a China manufacturer with high quality fabrics. We order low - medium quantities to minimise waste during pattern making and try and not have any over dead stock just sitting there.

We believe in quality > quantity.

We use compostable parcels and cardboard boxes that can be recycled as our packaging. 

The meaning behind our name: HYPER (hyperactive or energetic) BASIK (classic basic wear) 

The meaning behind our cloud logo: Super comfort ☁️

We wanted to design and create pieces that are comfortable for the everyday wear. We really believe that we work with the best and highest quality grade fabrics at affordable prices. 

Please note that we're always trying to make our brand better for the environment and we are still learning. 🌱

If you have feedback, please contact us at